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Quarter Scale Piper Cub
Quarter Scale Piper Cub

After many years of experience in the model aircraft, I decided to move towards quarter scale model aircraft. I built my first quarter scale, a Gas Powered Piper cub. The engine was taken from a Leaf Blower (Hope its somewhere around 20CC - Chinese) with some modifications. The modifications included a conversion from magneto to electronic ignition. After several experiments, I decided to change back to the magneto system which I believe, more convenient and reliable. I had a lot of problems with RF interference generated from the spark ignition. I managed to suppress them using various methods. But finally, I decided to change the RC gear to 2.4GHz, and the problems with the RF issues were solved forever.

I really enjoy flying the quarter scale piper, and while flying I always recollect my experiences when I was flying the full size kit fox (An experimental class 2 seater Rotax Bombardier Engine) .

Piper on the specially constructed folding table for rigging up the Piper cub.

Magneto Ignition


Electronic Ignition and the Modified Exhaust

Locally fbricated Sensor

Neodenum Magnet

And .. The Video

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